Thailand is one of the travel hubs of Southeast Asia because it has a lot to offer such as beaches, jungles, food and let’s not forget Thai massage. The reason why Thailand is so popular is that there are so many activities the country is able to offer at a cheap price. Well, let’s talk about Chiang Mai one of the most visited states in Thailand.

ที่พัก เชียงใหม่

Once upon arrival in Chiang Mai, the first thing many travellers do is visit the Doi Inthanon National Park is the highest mountain in Thailand where the park covers about 48,240 hectares of land. At the top, you are able to experience an astonishing view of mountains and also see various species of birds that you haven’t seen before. There are many hotel Chiang Mai which is about 7 to 9km away from the Doi Inthanon National Park that is rather affordable. The accommodation in Chiang Mai is starting from RM 66-RM 700 depending on the types of accommodations.

Chiang Mai Night Bazaar

Chang Klan Road during the day is just an ordinary street but during the night the place lights up where the entire stall is set up for the night. If all you want to do is shopping during the night, Chang Klan Road sells several goods such as fake designer goods, handcrafted items, food and many more. Hotel companies understand that after walking for a long time, the legs would get really tired hence there are many hotels near Chiang Mai night market bazaar to choose from. That is because some previous travellers used to stay quite a distance from the market bazaar and complain that it gets really tiring walking back to the hotels. Therefore, these previous travellers recommend booking a hotel near night market bazaar if you are a type who loves shopping and it is also much convenient.

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Which hotel to select while in Chiang Mai

In Chiang Mai, it is recommended to try its traditional food which is the Lanna culture called Khantoke dinner. Once arrival you will be seated on the floor at a large round table called ‘toke’ then the traditional food will be served. Moreover, it is also recommended to try Chiang Mai’s ‘Khao Soi’ which are made from coconut and curry-flavoured soup served with yellow egg noodles and chicken with crispy fried egg noodle toppings. If you are a food traveller the hotels to stay in Chiang Mai are at Chang Phueak area.

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One of the on-going parts in Chiang Mai is at Nimmanhaemin road where is covered with fancy bars and restaurants in which you are able to spot many locals there. You love drinking and chilling the hotel to stay in Chiang Mai is definitely in Nimmanhaemin road. In addition, there are many new malls with famous restaurant names and the road.

Visit the long neck Karen tribe

Many travellers fly all the way to Chiang Mai is to see the famous long neck Karen tribe. Fun fact it was originally from Myanmar but they fled to Thailand due to the political unrest in Myanmar. Upon visiting the long neck women at Padung Village, the highlight is the Chiang Dao cave where travellers experience the Burmese-style Buddha and electric lights. However, there is various accommodation in Padung Village.

They’re so many more activities to do in Chiang Mai such as its Wat Chedi Luang temple, butterfly farm, Chiang Mai’s grand canyon and etc. There are many hotel Chiang Mai hence do not worry because most of the hot areas do have accommodations to stay.

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