There are still many Chinese people are still practising the old customs and traditions into the modern wedding ceremony. During the old times, a number of the practices as well as also rituals are required to execute before, throughout as well as also even after the wedding event.

Nowadays, with the development of current modern lifestyle, great deals of old practices and traditions have been adjusting according to the current modern-style. These customs still related to as very esteemed and is an essential part of the Chinese wedding event.

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Guo Da Li – The Betrothal Event

Various of the conventional components tend to vanish as numerous of the wedding celebrations are much impacted by western societies. Numerous of Chinese still recognize and widely accepted the heritage at the wedding celebration, which is referred to as the betrothal event or “Guo Da Li”.

The Guo Da Li is an official meeting between both families as well as symbolizes the groom genuineness and sincerity to marry the bride into his household. Simply put, it indicates a formal state of engagement.

In Chinese culture, Guo Da Li is a vital event where the groom officially provides wedding event gifts to brand-new bride’s family on a selected auspicious day.

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It is a motion to reveal his genuineness in marrying their child. As part of goodwill, the bride-to-be’s family too will return the favour with the gift as well. By obtaining the presents from the bridegroom sides, the new bride’s family members pledge their child to the groom.

It is a recognition of the groom in the direction of the bride’s parents’ effort in upbringing their child and provide the brand-new bride’s member of the family assures to take good care of their child after the marriage relationship.

Chinese Wedding Attire Basics

The Bride

In China, the style of event clothing varies from region to location. The wedding ceremony clothing of the bride is typically in red and features a stitched Phoenix.

In southern China, the Chinese wedding dress remains in 2 pieces, which also called Qun Kwa. Nowadays, the bridal shop is reliable that experienced designer to design a different Chinese wedding gown that’s featured many layouts along with colours.

In among the fanciest of events, the brand-new bride could also put on a tiara-like device created from opulent silver and also decorated with plumes as well as pearls that represent the Phoenix that available at Qun Kwa rental.

Generally, the authentic wedding dress includes a red silk cloth to veil the bride-to-be’s face as she is more than likely to adjust to her family members’ house to her future spouse.

Those gadgets can be uncovered at any Chinese wedding shop that market the accessories generally for the wedding party requires, that features a large option of selections.

The Groom

The bridegroom’s clothes are not as complicated or as intricate as the bride-to-be’s attire. The bridegroom was generally placed on a black silk layer over a dark blue robe sewed with a dragon.

The necessary cap is black attached with a red tassel. However, several contemporary Chinese-American bridegrooms stay clear of the layer as well as utilize the dark blue bathrobe.

The Chinese Wedding Day Ceremony!

At the wedding celebration, the bridegroom will layout to the brand-new bride-to-be’s house in the morning as well as also will undoubtedly get obstructed by her door by her households’ member or chums.


The bridesmaids will play the door games with the bridegroom along with his assistants. The groom will be going along with the new bride to fulfil his moms and dads as well as likewise continue with the tea event at the bridegroom’s residence.

This essential treatment could sound fundamental as well as extremely simple, yet there are various Chinese wedding event regimens that you still should certainly adhere to your wedding event.

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