The Most Popular Aesthetic Treatments in the Aesthetic Clinic Malaysia

Beauty is what makes the world go around. With the great demand for the current beauty trend, the establishment of an aesthetic clinic also has grown in popularity as well.

Nowadays, women are in a race to be more confident with their appearance and look beautiful round the clock. But the question is, are you doing the right things?

Of course, beauty knows no age, especially in modern times. Now, you can opt for the best aesthetic treatments for your skin. Here are the most popular beauty treatments from the best aesthetic clinic that are creating the flutter! Check out Suisse Clinic to understand more about the aesthetic treatment procedure.

crystal tomato

1. Face Treatment

A range of V shape face treatments is widely practised by the branded beauty salons that treat the freckle and wrinkle with the help of crushed pearl. Some of the aesthetic experts even using the skin lightening agents like crystal tomato to firm the loose and saggy muscles of the skin.

2. Hair Removal

Waxing is one of the beauty treatments that many people undertake to boost the confidence of their outlook. The hair follicle will be pulled out by using the laser treatment through the application of the hot wax on the skin. Thus, this will make the skin to look smooth and flawless.

3. Botox

Botox injection is the most popular form of beauty treatments that makes the skin look younger and firmer. Nevertheless, one should always approach trusted practitioners for Botox treatment such as nose filler.

In fact, Botox treatment is also one of the costliest forms of aesthetic treatments, even painful to a great extent due to the skin firming process. Yet, women who know exactly what they are in for, opt for Botox treatment.

skin whitening treatment in malaysia

4. Laser Hair Removal

Next, laser hair removal is worth saving up for, considering once you go through numerous of the session, shaving will be the thing of the past.

If you ever did permanent hair removal or you simply want to start small, you could go with underarm treatment. After several session, you could bid goodbye to wax or any other method of permanent hair removal.

5. Microdermabrasion

Moreover, microdermabrasion is highly recommended particularly for the ladies who yearn for younger looking skin. This treatment practically gives your face a new lease on life.

It is one of the skin laser treatment that sloughing away the dead and dry skin, exfoliation cream with tiny micro crystals that massaged onto your face with a tiny vacuum-like device. As a result, you will obtain much more smooth and fresh skin which will boost your confidence.

crystal tomato malaysia

6. Acupuncture

The acupuncture definitely is not for the squeamish. It is a treatment whereby penetrating the skin with the needles at a certain pressure and tension points.

The objective is to de-stress, reduce the pain and inflammation, and in some patient, it does help to relieve migraine. Thus, whether you have got some health issues or just simply looking for an alternative to restart your system, try this on for size.

7. Mud Wrap

The benefits of mud wrap treatment are far and wide, and completely depend on which kind of wrap you choose for. From the firming and toning the body to make your skin silky soft, it is hard to beat an hour of the relaxation and tranquillity of being wrapped up at the spa after a long tiresome week.

Futsal Singapore: The Top 5 Futsal Tips That Will Improve Your Game

If you want to improve your futsal game, then these tips will come in handy for you. The hard truth is that becoming a proficient player requires dedication, persistent, practice along with the right mindset.

Whether it is futsal or Singapore soccer, you should always see yourself becoming a better player and then aim to achieve this.

 jurong futsal

Nevertheless, you need to understand that it takes time and patience in the process of becoming a good futsal player.

Fortunately, with regular practice at Kovan futsal, you eventually will become skilful.

Let’s take a look at the 5 best futsal tips on how to improve futsal skills and plays.

1. Control with Sole of The Foot

Have you ever observed how the great futsal players at Yishun Futsal? If you have, then you probably will notice that they often use the sole of their foot to control the ball.

In fact, many great players habitually use the sole to stop a fastball and shift the direction.

 yishun futsal

It is a good technique that will open you with a variety of options in effectively playing the game.

A good way to improve your ball control is by finding a wall or partner and practice regularly of the passing or shooting techniques.

2. Get Excel At Passing the Ball

It may look pretty simple form the sidelines, but once you get to chance to try it out, you will realize that it is not that easy.

At times, the ball may seem to have a mind of its own will go wildly in a different direction than intended.

Thus, you should strive to learn how to pass the ball with precision. The force and posture should be right, for it to precisely reach the target and the kick should be accurately placed for the recipient to catch it easily.

3. Know Your Role

On top of that, if you want to learn how to play futsal Singapore better, you should know clearly and master your role.

It is common to witness there is a lot of confusion on the pitch which is due to the players are not fully aware of their own roles.

In other word, know what you are supposed to do, when to do it, how to be focused and aware of your position in the game will help grasp the play better. Click here if you would like to discover more on the futsal and football position.

4. Have A Clear System

The different team have their own formations at Khalsa futsal and all of them have their own strengths and weaknesses.

The Diamond and Square formation are among the most popular formation play. While many people will know these formations, yet it is hard to actually stick to the play on the futsal pitch in Singapore all the time.

 kovan futsal

You don’t want situations where no one is attacking when they should, or no one is defending when need to be doing it.

Having a variation of the system will help you to identify the most effective one and have the team stick to in the long run.

5. Master the Shooting

In futsal, you probably will be kicking the ball all the time, so it is crucial to master how to kick it right.

You should know how to kick it hard enough that the opponent would even able to intercept or react to it.

When it comes to the shooting, all you need is to use a considerable amount of force and emphasis on the shooting precision.

In addition, you need to master how to shoot the ball in order to score a goal at Jurong futsal. Indeed, power is important, but so does the precision. Visit Stranger Soccer to explore more on the futsal pitches option in Singapore.

You should also practice both of your legs by switching between the right and left leg to make you an all-rounded player.

Practice shooting the ball with the outside of the foot, inside of the foot or alternate legs and power to give you the advantages of winning the game.

So, where to football in Singapore? Don’t worry, with the internet, you probably could find a plethora of futsal and football venue for you to practice.

The 5 Tips on How To Get Hired Fast in Job Website Malaysia

Are you in a hurry to get a job?

Are you starting to feel discouraged or having a hard time finding a job in the job portal Malaysia?

For some reason, there are some things that don’t take much time that could help you get the hired fast.

Here are the things on the list that you should know about the job hunting that will help to stand out from the other applicant on the job website.

 internship job malaysia

Some of the things on the list could be the little things that make a huge difference in job hiring. Check out Favser Malaysia to understand more about the job portal website.

While the others are significant enough that they could make or break your job search.

Let’s review the list to see if you had missed out anything and give it a try for your next job application.

5 Quick Tips in Getting Hired Fast

1. Focus on the Job that Relevant

Obviously, applying for every job you find is not always the best idea.

You need to focus on your search on jobs that you actually qualified for to increase the chances of getting hired.

You will be having a better chance of getting selected for an interview or internship in Malaysia.

Besides, sending out random cover letters and resumes is pointless and the waste of your time.

For whatever freelance job application in Malaysia is, before you make a move in job hunting, take the time to decide what type of job you are seeking.

 internship malaysia

2. Keep on Trying in Applying for Jobs

It is important to keep trying and be positive while waiting to hear back from the employer.

Most job seekers and freelancer in Malaysia are rejected by over 15 employers before landing a job.

Learn from past mistakes and keep on applying until you get the right offer.

At worst case scenario, you will be juggling with multiple job offers at the end that give you more choices and options.

3. Be Specific with Your Resume and Cover Letter

For your information, your resume or cover letter is a great tool that will determine whether you will notice by the hiring managers or vice versa.

Thus, you only have a few seconds to impress the recruiters or hiring managers enough to select you for an interview.

What you write in the first paragraph of your cover letter is crucial for the hiring managers to notice you out from the hundreds of applicants.

4. User-Friendly Resume

It is best for you to not include all of your working experiences on your resume.

In fact, some of the job seekers put up a decade long of work experience that includes their part-time job Malaysia on their resume.

Unfortunately, this is not the way in impressing the job recruiters.

The too much information about your job experiences will only bore your recruiters as it makes them hard to make you stand out or highlighting your strengths.

 internship in malaysia

5. Dress Professionally

Do you ever hear of the saying, “clothes make a man?”

Some may disagree that appearance should not matter much, but they really do.

In the first few minutes of an interview is critical for you to make an impactful first impression.

Regardless of whatever position or freelance job make sure to dress appropriately for the type of job and company you’re applying for.

Home Decor – The Importance of Interior Designer in Malaysia

Many people always focus on the external looks and overlook the importance of the internal interior design as well.

You may ask any of the top interior design firms, they often recommend making a focus on the making of the office space to be more functional and spacious.

 interior design company in malaysia

This is because effective interior design has the capability to make a small living space to be more spacious than its look.

When it comes to interior design, there are no fix rules in the interior design that stated what you should do and what you should not.

However, this could be a tricky part as you have to think discreetly about how to design your internal office.

It is not an easy task in making the office to look spacious as possible while maintaining the design standard. Check out J&V Design to find out more.

Fortunately, there are numerous of a top interior design firm in Kuala Lumpur that could be a helping hand in design the office layout.

Some of the people would prefer to hand down the design on their own, but you could not deny the needs of experts when it comes to interior design.

In this article, you will get to know the importance of office interior design in Malaysia and why it plays an important part in creating the best design for your living space.

1. Get It Done on Time

One of the best thing for using the skills from the interior designer is that they have the capability to complete the design concept on time.

This is because they have enough resources and skills to be more efficient in ensuring the project will be done in time.

With the highly skilled experience and resources, they also could provide a better idea that could meet your standard needs.

 malaysia interior design

Thus, you will be more understand about the design and rest assured about the end result.

When it comes to design your office at KL, the location of the office is does not matter. Click here to check out the famous interior design company here.

This is because you could still get the best design ideas and layouts that suit to your needs within the time period.

2. Enhancing the Office Interior Design of Office

Moreover, there are many of the interior designers in Malaysia has the creativity and skill that could help to improve your office looks.

Well, before you approach the interior design company, they often provide their best counselling session to help you figure the style that you desire.

From the concept to the colour of the office, you will gain better insight through the initial counselling regarding the interior design for your office.

Moreover, you too could present your best ideas to the interior designer.

interior design malaysia

They will try their best to help you by accommodating based on the concept idea that you are given.

With their skills and your core ideas, this will make your office design to be more aesthetic and visual-appealing.

3. Better Resource

As a matter of fact, many of the well-known interior design company has long established its reputation for quite a years.

Most of the reputable companies would have their own supplier that could help to fulfil the concept idea.

That goes without saying, all of your furniture has to complement and aligned well with the concept proposed.

With the help of the supplier to supply better resources, this would help you to get the best quality of furniture to complete your masterpiece design.


The Benefits of Pizza Delivery in Singapore

When it comes to pizza, chewy cheesy dough followed along with the crunchy crust, is one of the world most popular food, and that’s including Singapore.

Do you know that every one in eight peoples calls for pizza home delivery and enjoy the pizza every day despite the time and occasion?

In fact, the popularity and tradition of making food order online by phone have become a craze among the Singaporean.

The major advantage of online food delivery has made one of the most convenient meals available and has been taking even further.

delivery pizza near me

With today’s technology, it also has enabled people to make an order through an app on smartphones or order online through your table or computers.

Regardless of what method you are using, there will be a fully cooked meal delivered right to your front door in no time.

Sometimes, you don’t even need a reason to order the pizza other than you are just craving delicious and cheesy food.

The craving for a delicious, customizable meal provides a strong reason to get one delivered to your doorstep. Check out how success is Domino’s Pizza operating the delivery services in Singapore.

The advantages of Pizza Delivery

Pizza delivery is not a new option anymore.

In fact, it has been offered for years by many restaurants to expand their business, whether physically or digitally.

The increase in online order pizza is making the delivery food nearby even easier than it was before.

If you have spent the day completing chores, having pizza delivered to your homes would save you from spending time in the kitchen preparing the meal.

At some point, it is a treat to go out to eat entails other not-so-fun events like dealing with the congested traffic, standing in the long queue along with the noise if others intruding on your conversations.

Sometimes, it is more enjoyable to order your favorite pizza from the pizza restaurant near me and enjoy it form the comfort of your own home.

online order pizza

1. Detailed and Customized Ordering

The fun thing about ordering pizza for delivery is you got several options available for you to choose your own best pizza.

You could take a look at menus online and view the ingredients, size and other options as well.

Besides, you also are offered online deals that are not offered to the customers who order by phone or in the physical store.

To begin your order, choose one of the many special offered or click through the various ingredients option to create your own special pizza.

You now could say no more to the pepperoni pizza as you got to enjoy the brand new flavor of pizza.

You also could have the luxury of creating a full meal including appetizer, drinks, side dishes and your own specialty pizza all form the comfort of your pizza

2. Modern Convenience of Pizza Delivery

Delivery food near me now comes with many advanced features, which including multiple payment options.

You could pay before your meal is delivered using your debit cards right through the ordering site.

In addition, you also could use a credit card when you have a takeaway pizza near me, as many delivered services now utilize the portable credit card machines.

Other advancements include the order tracking, which will allow you to check on the status of your order, and GPS tracking on your delivery.

Where to Enjoy Good Western Restaurant in Malaysia

As life can get hectic for you, it is good to sometimes treat yourself out for a meal. When you are bringing your loved ones out for a romantic dinner, you can find a good restaurant with the best service to impress them. When talking about good food to enjoy, everyone has their own preferences. Some people like having Japanese food, while some like having Western cuisines. On top of these choices, you can get to choose between food cooked the traditional way or fusion cuisine. With all these options, you do not have to worry.

In western cuisine, dishes like pasta, pizzas, and steak are served. If you are a meat lover, there is no doubt that you would choose a plate of good steak over others when visiting a western restaurant. The most common type of steak is the beef steak and among it, there are many types of beef you can choose from.

1. Marble 8

If you are craving for steak, you must visit Marble 8 Steakhouse as it is known for serving the best wagyu beef in Kuala Lumpur. Wagyu beef is different from other kinds of beef as it is much softer and juicier. Some describe it as having the slice of beef melt in your mouth. They even have spaghetti Bolognese made of wagyu beef. Talk about luxury and there you have it.

Marble 8 is the perfect representation of luxurious food as they serve the best meat with the finest ingredients. Not only that, they serve dry aged beef, wet aged beef, Angus beef, and even caviars too. This is because Marble 8 is known as the steak house in Kuala Lumpur with a wide choice of meats to choose from. Click here to find out more information.

wagyu beef kl

If you are looking for a fine dining experience, this can be the place for you. However, with this experience, the price will be on the higher side. To make a reservation, you will need to pay a certain amount and there is even a dress code that you must follow. Besides that, they offer festive packages like the New Year’s Eve package that can go up to RM30,000 with drinks included. As it is under the Marini’s group, it is highly associated with the famous bar, Marini’s 57. Nonetheless, if you are looking for top-notch experience and do not have budget constraints, this is the place for you.

2. Jibby and Co

Najib, the owner who started this restaurant was inspired by the foods in Melbourne and wanted to bring it into his home country, Malaysia. Today, Jibby and Co is a restaurant that serves good western food with a taste of Malaysia. The foods here are really creative and pleasing to the taste buds. You can never get sick of the food here as there is always something in store for you with their all-time special menus. They emphasize a lot on food quality. Thus, despite having good business for many years, they have not expanded as they want to ensure quality control. One special thing about them is that their foods can cater to the taste of many people. On special occasions like Christmas and Valentine’s, they are one of the best place candle light dinners in Kuala Lumpur. This can be a cheaper option for a fancy date.

best wagyu beef in kl

3. Porto Romano

Founded in 2005, Porto Romano is an Italian restaurant with Mediterranean cuisines. They are the top / best western restaurant in Malaysia that serves good pizza and pasta. Similar to Jibby and co, they also serve monthly specials like octopus’ salad, lamb salad, and clam and fish chowder.

wagyu beef kuala lumpur

The Reason on Why Your Business Need Penetration Testing

Nowadays, the cyber threat landscape and cybercrime cases have evolved at an alarming state.

Many businesses are increasingly pressured by their stakeholders to protect themselves against the breach of data.

The organizations are constantly flooded with the latest and supposedly greatest tools and technologies.

Yet the penetration tests remain one of the most popular and critical tools to strengthen the security defences. Check out LGMS Global for the latest advance penetration testing tools.

Besides, there is a high demand for skilled professional penetration testers which also known as the ethical hacker.

The penetration testers from penetration testing company which expert in computer forensic and digital forensic will do some simulation test to gauge the strength of the system. Click here to check out more info.

What is the penetration test?

There are a lot of different ways that penetration testing is being described, conducted and marketed.

It often confused with conducting a vulnerability scan, compliance audit, or security assessment.

Penetration testing stands apart from these efforts in a few critical ways.

The main objective of a penetration test is to identify ways to exploit the vulnerabilities to circumvent or defeat the security features of system components.

Basically, the penetration test which also known as pen tests is simulated attacks in a controlled environment which carried out by the third-party security specialist.

The third party security specialist or ethical hacker will employ or mirror the same techniques as attackers located outside your infrastructure.

The test will reveal whether your servers or applications will be able to resist hostile attacks.

And it is also to test whether if the identified vulnerabilities can lead to further intrusion and exploitation.

In addition, due to the high demand of Pen test, many of penetration testing service providers and PCI DSS companies provide services like forensic service and cybersecurity training.

There are also other top pen test companies offer services such as Cask training courses and Cox certification training to its customers.

Reason Why You Need Penetration Testing

As the hackers becoming more skills and sophisticated, it puts the onus of business owner to ensure their cybersecurity system is well-secured from threats.

Here are the reasons why you need penetration testing to keep your business well-secured.

cyber security companies in malaysia

1. Exposes your weakness before real hackers do

Undoubtedly, the most valuable aspect of penetration testing is that it puts your cybersecurity through the same stresses as the real hacking attempt.

Therefore, it helps to expose the weaknesses in your system.

By having a controlled cybersecurity professional hack into your system, meaning you could learn and know about the system before malicious hackers attempt to get into your system.

2. Provide an outsider perspective on your security

pen test malaysia

It is often the case for the business that runs their cybersecurity and computer systems in-house that they never get a second opinion.

Many business owners tend to trust their IT professionals to place a strong system that could free from weaknesses as possible.

However, the major problem here is without getting a second expert opinion is that you could be left with blind spots.

As expected, the person in charge of cybersecurity defences could make mistakes just like anyone else.

Thus, it is important to have a penetration test from a certified Pentest Company in Malaysia and get an outside perspective on your system.

3. Save cost

That goes without saying that spending money on penetration test service will actually help you to save your business a significant amount of money.

pentest company in malaysia

This is because penetration testing helps you to highlight the areas of greatest weakness.

This will help you to inform on where to most effectively spend your cybersecurity budget.

By using penetration testing to fix any potential problems, you don’t have to worry about the huge expense of a future breach.

Best hang out places to visit after work

People are always on the search for affordable places to hang out and chill after a long day of work.

Places that would be considered are restaurants or bars that offer cheap yet good food and beverages.

Fortunately, it is not hard to find as many places are offering good happy hour promotion deals.

happy hour in kl

You just have to know where to find them and when you can get these deals.

In fact, this promotion is highly available at many restaurants as it can get pretty competitive for restaurants.

The pressure is on for them to provide customers with the best deals.

The term ‘happy hour’ started off as a marketing term to refer to a period of time where alcoholic drinks will receive a discount.

Today, it not only applies to drinks but also food at certain restaurants.

Happy hour is a period in a day when drinks are sold at reduced prices. This is usually from times around 6pm-9pm.

Happy hour has been proven to boost sales drastically as many people would want to enjoy cheaper food and drinks.

For alcohol, some will make a purchase during that happy hour and reserve it to drink later on.

Be sure to check out the happy hour deals.

With that being said, here is a list of best happy hour in Kuala Lumpur.

1. Twenty.One Kitchen+Bar

First of all, this restaurant serves great food along with alcohols.

Side foods like the garlic mayonnaise fries is a people’s favourite here, the perfect snack to go with beer.

Other foods like the Chicken Char Siew and Asparagus with Beef Bacon are also recommended here.

Besides that, they offer cheap beer in Kuala Lumpur as it is located in the hearts of a famous drinking street, Changkat Bukit Bintang.

With every other bar offering happy hour promotions, it is no doubt that they must offer it too.

They also have other exciting deals like being able to redeem a free signature cocktail when people check in on the location. This deal is exclusive for Thursdays.

 2. Porto Romano

Talk about the best Italian restaurant near KLCC and you have it.

best buy malaysia happy hour

Porto Romano serves the best pizza and pasta, not forgetting its remarkable braised beef ribs.

If you are craving for good Italian food that will never disappoint, this is the pace for you.

It is located just a stone’s throw away from Hilton Double Tree Hotel, so if you happen to be staying there, do check this place out.

What about the happy hour deals here? Well, it starts from 7 pm, offering a buy 2 get 1 free deal.

If you want alcohol, they serve up great wine in generous portions for only RM19.9++.

This is easily one of the best buy KL happy hour. Do make sure to check them out.

3. The Beer Factory

As the name gives, yes, it specializes in serving beer. Even without the happy hour promotion deals, it serves up the cheapest beer in KL without sacrificing quality.

This is why you can see it crowded on Friday nights and most weekends.

Considering it already being so cheap without the special promotions, it is even better with it. Happy hour is from 7-9pm here and you can get 5 pints of beer for as low as RM85.

That is only RM17 per pint, normally a price for a bottle of beer. If this isn’t a crazy deal, nothing else is.

On top of that, they do serve foods too if you are hungry and wish to grab a quick meal before drinking.

Nonetheless, if you are just looking for good and cheap beer, come to The Beer Factory.

happy hour promotion in kl

The Benefits of Using Payroll System in Business

First of all, payroll is considered to be the business critical operation for every organisation.

That goes without saying that running a small business isn’t as easy as you think.

When you are responsible for everything from the success of the sales force, to the efficiency of the back-end, it can be much overwhelming.

But, it does not need to be this way.

The payroll system allows you to pay your staffs accurately and on time to avoid low morale.

It is also to avoid poor performance that possibly leads to reputational and legal difficulties.

Having a decent computerised HR software system definitely can help you to carry out your pay run with a higher speed, efficiency and confidence.

With the smart delegation and strategic decision, it could make a tremendous improvement to your business.

The HRMS or also known as the Human Resources Management System of the payroll could be the classic example.

Here are the five most significant benefits of using the software system for your small business.

1. Avoid Making Errors

Mistakes in the payroll system certainly can be a nightmare.

However, one of the brilliant benefits of using payroll software is that it helps to reduce the chances of those costly errors from occurring.

If you make an error that short-changes your employees, it could have a detriment on morale and in unfortunate circumstances.

And that will lead to legal issues with your company and yourself.

If you make a mistake that sees your workers being paid too much, you could leave your business without enough working capital and the logistical nightmare.

Thus, the advantage of the HR system could help you to significantly reduce the risk of human error and ensure your employees get the exact pay that they deserved.

2. Time-saving

The benefit of using payroll software means you could make the task easier and save them a vast amount of time.

For example, you could use the time attendance system to record the employees’ attendance and store their personnel records.

This definitely will help you to save a lot of time and workloads.

hr system malaysia

3. Data Security

The security of your data is imperative, and your payroll data is particularly sensitive.

hrms malaysia

The payroll files will contain the personal information that needs protection such as bank details, mailing addresses and dates of birth.

By using good quality payroll software too can ensure this information is securely locked down and cannot be accessed by anyone outside of your organisation.

4. No Need for Expertise

When it comes to using payroll software in your business, there is no need to have a background in payroll.

This means you can delegate the payroll task to employees who have no experience.

Thus, there is no need to hire experts to manage your payroll system.

In other words, it helps to lower your costs and make it possible for cross-training within your small business.

hr software malaysia

5. Cost Effective

As a small business owner, you will have a vested interest in keeping profits high and costs low.

By making the switch from the paper-based payroll processing system to a more efficient payroll software system could reduce a considerable amount of money.

You could use these funds to be invested elsewhere in your small business to help it expand and succeed.

The cost savings you gain from the switch to payroll software will increase as your businesses grow.

Some of the company even upgrade their system with fingerprint time attendance into the payroll system.

Hence, this will result in lower costs and a more strategic approach to running your business.


Finding Social Media Marketing in Melbourne

social media melbourneThe advertisement has shift focus from the old ways where you market your products from door to door to the new era of social media platform. Social media marketing has become so popular with many users embracing the use of social media to communicate their products. Instead of wasting your time running up and down trying to find a product to buy, Social media has reduced these challenges by providing immediate access to a product or a brand you want by using different platforms of social media. Those who can access the internet can as well find brands and products advertisement on social media.

Social Media has changed the way people do marketing in Melbourne and in fact it has been adopted by so many people to buy a product and also companies to advertise their product. The platform they use include

social media agency melbourne


Since the inception of Facebook into the world, Facebook was used by many to chat with friends. This has changed because it not only used as a chat platform but also as social marketing. Where companies advertise through Facebook and connect with their customers who use Facebook. For Facebook users, they are able to see the products through photos and videos and make their choice.


This platform is increasingly being used in Melbourne to promote advertisement products. It has become the best platform to market brands where it can reach to their potential customers. It is widely used by young generation so much than any other social media. Marketing of brands, In Instagram is preferred than Facebook and Twitter. This platform is majorly used by the young people and helps the companies to capture them and sell their brands.


When searching for something on the internet using a google search engine, there are adverts which keep popping up. Companies find attractive to capture their customers through this platform because their product will be seen by the user using Google. Companies get Google My Business and through that customers can view their brands.


It is different from other social Medias in the way products and brands are marketed. It works in a way that customers can save a product in this platform and go and buy them later. Customers can save their products through pin interest and come to buy them later. Those who use pin interest in Melbourne like it because it can be used to research a product and also customers can view ratings in order to purchase the product.


It is another popular platform used today to market brands. When you search a video in YouTube it comes with an advertisement feature about a product which you see the advertisement first before watching the video. Searching for a video on YouTube comes with the content of the same ad which can be related to the video search. It captures many customers who usually use YouTube.


There are many social media marketing and agency companies that are used in Melbourne for marketing. It all depends on customers taste and preference in choosing the best social media to purchase a particular product.