Are you tired of a busy working life and hope to peek into the underwater world? Strongly introduce you there is a small group form by three islands off the north-west coast of the state of Sabah, Malaysia, which is Pulau Mantanani Kota Belud.

Pulau Mantanani Kota Belud is located in northern Borneo, Sabah. One of the places to visit in KK is to enjoy a summer-like holiday on this island.

what to do in kota kinabalu

You can see what is hidden beneath the sea around this Mantanani islands and try to find out what can you do on this island! The best time to visit this island is from April to September. It is advisable to you visit this island at these few months to avoid your trip will be cancelled if the sea condition is worst.

Swimming In This Unpolluted Seawater

You can stay at Mantanani resort in Sabah to enjoy swimming in this unpolluted crystal clear seawater. You have to prepare a towel, swimming suit and other personal toiletries for your own. Remember to bring enough sunscreen lotion and umbrella if you don’t want to get sunburn and tanned.

Remember to bring a plastic bag to protect your personal belongings from getting wet.

Beach Activities

You can have a volleyball competition with your friends or play a kite on the beach. Or you can do nothing and lying on the hammock to relax while enjoying the scenic view of Pulau Mantanani.

things to do in kota kinabalu

You can bring a torchlight or use the mobile phone torchlight when you walk along the beach at night to enjoy the beauty of nature at night. If you are staying at Mantanani resort overnight, you can enjoy the stunning view of the sky that filled by full of stars and moon.

You can ask the Mantanani resort to see where is the best place to see Bioluminescent algae or they called blue tears as well!

River Cruise

The tropical forest on Mantanani island was remarkable as you get a chance to see the proboscis monkeys, long-tailed macaques, buffalos, and rare silvered leaf monkey. You have to beware and don’t give food to wild animals and don’t bring any valuable belongings.

Mosquitoes in Pulau Mantanani are very active therefore you need to bring along an insect repellent.

Diving, Snorkelling, And Other Water Sports

One of the things to do in KK is to enjoy water sport activities. You can dive at this underwater world to see the wide varieties of marine lives. Don’t worry because the life jacket is safe enough for you to float on the sea surface.

Moreover, the Mantanani island package that provides you snorkelling activities will have a safety briefing and do skill practice in shallow water. Therefore you can have your snorkelling adventure in deeper water after the instructors bring you to another guided tour nearby reef.

things to do in kk

You can explore more underwater world with a large number of coral reefs. The water is clear, and you can watch the fishes are swimming just around you on this best island in Kota Kinabalu.

Fishing And Enjoy The Seafood

Sometimes, the tour operator will offer you a Mantanani island package that includes fishing experience. They will provide you with a boat or speedboat for you to experience to catch your fishes as your dinner.

Take The Stunning And Memorable Photos

You can watch the sunset on this beautiful island, and the most interesting is you can take a lot of stunning view pictures. The atmosphere on this island is romantic and is the best island in Kota Kinabalu to date with your loved one!


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